Website Design

Is your business still operating offline? Use Navieon’s Website Development services to make your presence felt, and increase revenues for your business dramatically. We at Navieon pride ourselves on our quality that comes to you at the most affordable prices in the market. We are very particular about timelines, and makes sure your new website is ready well before your deadlines.

Working with Navieon, you are assured of:

  • • Best Quality and Pricing

  • • Vast Experience and Professional Expertise

  • • Respect for Deadlines

  • • Trustworthy Relationship

Responsive websites

Internet users of the present day world can be found literally everywhere. Starting from queues at a bus stop to cafes, people can be found browsing the internet on their mobile devices at different places. Though the devices may vary but the thing that remains common is a well-designed, fully functional responsive website. In simple words responsive web design can be defined as the approach of designing and developing websites in such a way that they respond to the user's environment and behaviour based on orientation, platform and screen size. Some of the key features that work in conjunction to create a responsive web design are:

  • • Fluid Grids

  • • Resizable Images

  • • Media Queries

The days when websites were simply viewed on desktop computers are nearly over. Responsive website design is the new reality allowing easy visibility of websites across different devices. Some of its advantages are:

  • • Easy maintenance

  • • Multi-device adaptation

  • • Higher conversion

  • • Cost-effective

  • • Enhanced User Experience

  • • Improves SEO

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